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Why I Like Mike

"Why am I so crazy about Michael Jordan?" It seems like such a simple question; however the answer is rather complex. The first time that I ever heard about MJ was right after the 1982 NCAA Championship game in which he hit the last second shot to give the North Carolina Tar Heels the victory. I was about fourteen at the time, so I'm sure that the only thing that interested me then was that he had the same last name as I do. Everything changed when he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. As soon as the season started, EVERYBODY was talking about the guy, and what he could do. As if that wasn't enough, this was about the time that Nike introduced the Air Jordan line of shoes and apparel. After I saw those wild black and red shoes with my name on them, I knew I had to have a pair! My dream came true in September of 1985. My Mother (whose name is "Delois"...the same as Michael's sister), and my sister chipped in to get me a pair for my birthday. Needless to say, I was thrilled!! From that humble beginning, my fanaticism began.

Once I got the shoes, I had to get the matching shirt, and the pants, and the jacket, and then the poster, the basketball, and the...well, you get the point. I started getting EVERYTHING remotely associated with MJ. Currently, my collection exceeds 600 items, and is continually growing. I have quite a bit of money invested in it, but I couldn't begin to imagine how much it's actually worth. Fortunate for me, my wonderful wife, Theresa, and the rest of my family completely understand my motivation. I'm simply a SUPER FAN; no more, no less. Watching him play again for the Washington Wizards is very nostalgic. I can't help but think back to when it all began. Allthough his game has changed considerably, we still see those signs of greatness that made him a star!


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