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About 4-Jordan Enterprises

During the latter part of July, 1996, I decided that I wanted to try and earn some extra money from home. I had seen several of those late-nite infomercials, but I found them all very hard to believe. One day, by sheer coincidence, I happened upon a full-page ad in a magazine. The text was about this great "Secret" to earning a lot of money without ever leaving home. Although I was very skeptical, something told me to give it a try. I proceeded to order the literature, and soon became very motivated by what I read. This is when I decided to enter the field of Direct Marketing, or as it's more commonly known, Mail Order. I began selling informational booklets initially, and have since incorporated a line of over 3,000 gift items that I wholesale. My online store was developed as an outlet for this venture. Clicking here will take you there. This has to be one of the easiest forms of business to operate. I carry no inventory, fore all of my products are drop-shipped by the supplier; which means they are delivered directly to the customer. I simply place classified ads in newspapers, magazines, and of course on the internet. The best part is, there are no limits as to how much I can make. I am continually adding new products and services. My ultimate dream is to one day make this my sole source of income. If determination counts, then I am well on my way to a very successful future!

By the way, you're probably wondering how I came up with the name "4-Jordan". Well, when I sat down to think of a name for my new company, I knew that I wanted it to reflect upon the "four" people who mean the most to me...myself (of course!), my Wife, my Mother, and my idol, Michael Jordan. I noticed that the one thing that we all have in common is the surname "Jordan". After that, the answer was obvious.

If you'd like to learn about making BIG PROFITS selling specialty products, please call my 24-Hour Hotline for a FREE Recorded Message. 1-800-558-9611